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What’s your reaction to the news: Osama Bin Laden is Dead.

Breaking news: U.S forces have killed Osama Bin Laden. The man behind the attacks of 9/11, this man was a murderer. The world is celebrating today to find out this evil man has been killed. A world terrorist. How can one man have that much power? Referred to as public enemy number one, this man built … Continue reading

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To live like royalty

Royal weddings, prime dignitaries, today the media is swirling around Prince William’s and Kate’s wedding. A touch of class, simple elegance, the dream of marrying a prince. It’s the typical little girl’s dream, like a good fairy tale story. What is it about this event that creates such interest? The media is taking over with the latest … Continue reading

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A Time of Faith, A Time of Healing

A ripple effect in time. It has been said, we are just dust in the wind. For everything which has been done, will be repeated and for everything which has been given, will be taken.  This comes to me after a tailspin of a week. In everything I see I realize that time passes by so quickly. Spring is here, … Continue reading

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Friday’s Freedom Message – Free Speech

Today I’m bringing you the last installment on Freedom. Friday’s messages will continue in the future so watch for new topics coming soon. Everyone has a right to free speech. This given right should not be taken lightly. Writers, journalists, publicists all have a tremendous responsibility. Freedom of speech impacts everyone. The messages that you send … Continue reading

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Thought for Thursday – What do I gain?

Today’s thought-provoking message for Thursday says, What if I gain the whole world, but lose my soul?  Is this who we are now?  Is this who we are becoming?  Just a thought. Listen to the words of this song by Toby Mac… a thought, a word, a song to inspire and to contemplate. Where is … Continue reading

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Illuminated in the Silence

It appeared to me one night, crystal clear as a light bulb shines in the darkness. I was keenly aware of my nervousness. I wasn’t sure the silence would stop everything. I didn’t think it would cause harm but the silence was death to my ears. Unspoken bridal thoughts of dreams I envisioned were slipping … Continue reading

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Wisdom is King

Find a niche. Become an expert. Share your knowledge. There’s more to writing than sharing your knowledge. Having wisdom is much greater than having knowledge. Books have knowledge, readers gain understanding, but real wisdom is based on experiences. Teachers teach, Professors profess, and speakers speak, but the human race is far more reaching. We have the … Continue reading

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A Reflective Mirror

A year in review. Just about everyone is thinking this thought today as we close out 2010. I started my blog journey only 5 months ago and it has been a fun ride. Learning to laugh again, appreciate my life more has all been a mixed blessing. My writing has given me so much healing. … Continue reading

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Moving On

I just read a post today about someone who is moving on with her life. After years of struggling, she is moving on. What a great reminder that moving on is a segway into another chapter in our lives. We cannot stay still or remain stagnant in our lives. By remaining stuck, we will never get … Continue reading

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Faith is spiritualized imagination. (via bended spoon)

Faith spurs our imagination into a creative sensation of spiritual realities. Faith can do that because everything is possible with Faith. Once again, a great thought prompt from bendedspoon. . . – Henry Ward Beecher … Read More via bended spoon

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