Finding Hope Stories

I’m on a mission. Ever since I saw the heroic efforts on the Chile Mine Survivors, I couldn’t help but wonder about good news stories. Stories about hope and faith, stories about survival, stories to inspire and give good news. The world gathered around the news media on Oct. 12-13, 2010 to watch the rescue of 33 men who were trapped underground for over 2 months.  Inspiring and filled with hope, their rescue stirred the nation.


Hope is alive

Finding encouragement during these difficult times gives us hope in this life.  Can you lead me there?Some of my favorite Blog rolls have inspirational messages of encouragement. I’d like to take you there. Stop in and visit. Be encouraged and uplifted.

In gratitude & honor, I’m sharing them with you.

Bendedspoon – bite size servings. Very enlightening wisdom with a great sense of humor.
Messiah Mom – About faith & family.
Magic in the backyard – A great site for poetry.
Inspirational Thoughts– Finding words of wisdom in these positive messages.
Lucyinnovation’s Blog – A great site making a difference.
FaithBarista – Brewing up weekly sessions of Faith.
Guideposts – Sharing individual stories inspiring readers everywhere.
Fibromyalgia Healing –  An encouraging new website on Living with Fibromyalgia. Where healing can begin.

Sharing the Journey

As I find more, I will share with you. Pass on the joy & keep the Faith.


7 thoughts on “Finding Hope Stories

  1. Thank you so very much for including me in your list. I am honored! *hugs*

    Posted by Kellie Elmore | November 29, 8:43 am
  2. I appreciate the link! Much love,
    Messiah Mom

    Posted by kristinherdy | November 29, 10:02 am
  3. I never lose…

    F-aith in the goodness of mankind
    A-we to what a kind gesture could do
    I-magination of a peaceful place
    T-rust in others despite that I have broken ones
    H-eaven regardless of the circumstances

    I never stop…

    D-reaming of an understanding world
    R-eaching within for that understanding that I dream
    E-ntrusting to God those unfairly judged
    A-ppreciating simple things
    M-aking wishes!

    Hey wishes are fun especially if you have a fairy aunt!
    Am I not glad you are on a mission? Impossible!
    Thank you for being you! 🙂

    Posted by bendedspoon | December 1, 6:41 am
  4. Thanks for the hugs & appreciation. Sharing our faith with others is what we are meant to do. Special tribute to bendedspoon for the gift of unique words you share with us. A Faith Dream that is shared, my compliments to you.

    Posted by faithdream | December 1, 8:26 am
  5. Great list 🙂

    Posted by Short Poems | December 8, 4:35 pm
  6. we shall never give up hope..

    lovely imagery..


    Posted by Jingle | March 18, 5:59 pm
  7. Thank you Jingle for sharing your comments.
    God Bless you.

    Posted by faithdream | March 19, 9:27 am

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