Life still lives on

There are those people in your life that made a difference. A part of them will always live on in you.

This is their dedication’s page. For those who have gone on before us…

May they live on in your heart & soul.




Dedications  . . . .

The highest reward we can give in this life is to make a difference.

By providing wisdom to the next generation and by leaving a lasting legacy, the future of our children depend on it.

It’s not what you did that will make people remember you but how you made them feel.

The lives we touch everyday impact each of us and we are never the same again.

Love never dies, it continues to live on in the hearts of those left behind.

Our grief over the losses in our life may be evident to those around us. We will never be the same again.


 We may cry shallow tears but joy comes in the morning.

 Yes, joy comes during the pain.

  In fondly remembering our loved one, we can find contentment.

 To have loved is better than to not have loved at all.

 We make a pledge to ourselves that we will become better children, better parents, better spouses, or better friends.

We live for today and not for tomorrow. However time is precious.

Life does not promise us any guarantees.

Take time today to reminisce.


candle burns In Memory












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