Amazing Love, How can it be?
Faithfully, living each day
Moment by moment.


embracing peace

When I step outside

The beauty surrounds me.
It’s amazing.
Walking in life I find
How much I need.
Yet, I am not alone
God is here with me.
Sometimes, I feel
Yet believing in something more.
Seasons change
I am not afraid.

peace in prayer

There are moments in life

The beauty is unrecognizable
and yet deep in my heart, I know
That life promises forgiveness.
In everything I find,
To be true to yourself
and love unconditionally

Unconditional Love


Because God loves us
Unconditionally and without reason.

He reigns forever 


Watching over us every moment
In all that we do.
Whether big or small
At all times
To show us
That our life is a blessing.
In our silence

He Reigns

Love shines down

Observing His glory

The power of God’s love
Is with us always
And Forever
Into Eternity.


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