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I just read a post today about someone who is moving on with her life. After years of struggling, she is moving on. What a great reminder that moving on is a segway into another chapter in our lives.

We cannot stay still or remain stagnant in our lives. By remaining stuck, we will never get “there.” A place where we can free ourselves from the worries of the past, a place binding us in our rooted history.

Learning from the past is essential. Letting go is victory. Everyone needs a fresh start, a new beginning. As we approach a new year, we reflect over our lives and look forward to the next year. Making new year resolutions is all about dreams of change, of aspiring hopes and wishes.

Leaving the past behind us is what we are called to do. That is why it is the past. Nothing stays the same. People, circumstances, and seasons of life are all dynamic. We change.  We evolve. We become better people. 

Moving on to a new year, a new you. Forging ahead with life that promises new beginnings. Marking in another year and showing the world that you are here to make a difference. Encouraging ourselves along the way to enable us to do what we are meant to do and be who we are meant to be.

Finding life. Finding peace. Finding joy in every circumstance to press forward. Looking ahead for a better future releases the feelings of guilt and remorse. Letting go of the anger, the resentments, the things that have built up over time. Liberating them to find harmony in our lives once again.

Struggling in life is not the way to live. Turning your life around will not be easy. Change your thinking. Search your heart.  Forgive others. Pray and make peace with God. 

Reflection is necessary. The road ahead promises to be long and challenging, but it will be well worth it, by becoming the person God has intended you to be. Only He can provide you with all the joys and blessings necessary. Move ahead, press forward, and keep the Faith.

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