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Holding on to my Faith

These days I can’t watch the media. When I turn on the news, all I see are reports about tragedies. Whether it is the world at large with the terrible news from Japan, or my local news of crime, I just get sick to my stomach.   For how long?    How long must we suffer? … Continue reading

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Destruction, Chaos, Revelations and Everyone Wonders

  With the unimaginable happenings in the world today, I’m left in such wonder. Everyone is talking about the destruction from the earthquake.          My heart goes out to the people in Japan and those surrounding areas.   With the tragic events that occurred, many are seeking answers. Why?   How can a loving God … Continue reading

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Building your Faith

Building your faith, turns dreams into reality. Each day is a new day to start again. Creating a building block on which to stand, your faith grows over time. Lessons learned come during our trials. Keeping a strong conviction to never give up, you can unlock the passions you hold. Positive character traits provide endurance to withstand … Continue reading

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God’s Little Blessings

I’ve been reminded how much God works in the background of our lives. Each day springs forth something new and exciting. Never knowing what to expect, I emerge into the new day with faithful hope. It’s amazing to see how glorious God works. His blessings overflow and yet He is still silent. Remaining a whisper … Continue reading

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Overcoming Life’s Difficulties

No one is born into greatness. There is a time, a season in life, for everyone. Failure is common for every man.  With faith and determination, success is possible. Be encouraged and stand strong in your spirit. Find your purpose, use your strengths, and build upon the gifts you’ve been given. Discovery and experience teach us … Continue reading

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Grief has taken a back seat

Reading the inspiring stories and blogs shared across the pages, releases memories of my parents. Six months ago, my mom passed away and I think about her all the time. The holidays were tough but I’m learning a new way of life. Realizing she is much happier now, I can find peace. Together she is with … Continue reading

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Unlock the Gift you have been given

God cannot be put in a box, let’s unwrap Him all year long. Now that Christmas is over we are delighted to relax from the season’s madness, get back to normal activities and plunge into the new year. With all that behind us, we think, now I can enjoy my Christmas gifts and get ready … Continue reading

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Facing your Fears

Worry. All of us face anxieties in life.  “Let go and let God,” that saying has been repeated over and over but can we really, let it go?   Finding myself anxious over little things, sometimes things that really don’t matter at all, I tell myself to let it go and give it to God, but … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Pray

Prayer is essential in our daily walk. Providing us with wisdom, faith, and hope, prayer encourages our hearts.  A soul without prayer has no expectations.  Without this confidence, we have no inspiration. Let’s stand united in our hour of need to pray for one another. We all need a little encouragement. By praying for each other, we … Continue reading

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Faith Inspired Elements

Looking for inspirational quotes or encouragement? See for more  Inspired Wisdom – Faith Inspired Elements.

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  • Show Some Respect and Change the World — FaithDream’s Inspiration
    I have refrained from giving my opinion during this election. The discouragement and lack of respect given to each of the opponents show little to no value for the American people. How can we respect our leaders when they lack the respect of one another? The candidates have slandered one another and pointed fingers at […] … Continue reading Show Some Respect […]
  • Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction
    These guideposts direct you, giving insight. Sometimes God will miraculously open doors for you when you least expect it.  They might appear to be coincidental but in reality they are meant for you to make a decision. The guideposts are there. They could come in the form of temptations or the form of an arrow … Continue reading Look For the Guideposts They G […]
  • Three Types of Friendships
    Many friendships will come and go in life. In seasons of change, a person will encounter new friends, and old friends will fall away. There are friendships that stay with you during a lifetime. Those friends are the first ones you call to share good news and the ones you can count on in times … Continue reading Three Types of Friendships →

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