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How to Have an Unwavering Faith?

Do you hear the battle cry of your heart? How many times must we fall before we realize we can’t do this alone? How to have an unwavering faith? Continue reading

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Inspirational Stories Spark Writing Dreams: Review ‘The Writer’s Idea Book’

“Writing is an act of hope,” Jack Heffron says in “The Writer’s Idea Book.” How true is that statement! Just merely writing down our thoughts and wishes, we are inspiring our dreams. We are eagerly anticipating great things. The author of this book goes on to say, “It is a means of carving order from … Continue reading

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The Silence of Unconcern Feels like Rejection

In many ways, the silence of unconcern can be more deadly than hate. Think about that for a moment. Have you ever felt ignored? Misunderstood? Even the best of friends can sometimes become scarce when the other is in need. Sometimes in trying to understand, they become discouraged and walk away. Left feeling isolated or … Continue reading

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Reflections of Time

Reflections: Each day I recall the memories over time. When life seemed simpler and people were kind. Today I reflect on what all this means to me. For tomorrow I won’t be same as I used to be. Each passing day, I change a little more. Some wiser while sensing what I’m really here for. ~~~+~~~ … Continue reading

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Motivating Message Mondays

Motivating Message Mondays hosted by FaithDream. A weekly message of hope, encouragement, enlightenment, or related message of motivation addressed each Monday. Watch here as each week a new thought provoking message will appear.   Do you have a motivational message related to the topic discussed? Share your comments, ideas, and stories with each message. Look for … Continue reading

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Dedicated to a Nurse

  A Nurse’s Creed Sometimes I forget…why I’m a Nurse and what’s really in my HEART.   Sometimes I’m just too busy, I don’t know where to start.  Then someone holds my hand, and greets me with a smile. They ask if I could stay with them, for just a little while. If I can calm … Continue reading

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Our World to Love

We only have One life, One time, To love.   The magic happens. We all play a part.   Allowing ourselves To be free To love   This is our world Our place, With only One life, To live   Don’t let other people Or opinions Drown out Your voice

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Imagination At Work

Imagination is what takes your breath away. When you have a moment of inspiration that calls out to you, “I am here, watch me work.” I love imagination like that. An idea is formed in your mind and working out the possibilities is endless. Stretching your creativity to new heights allows intuition to run wild. … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is only 2 days away. With the holidays fast approaching, finding time to balance our work and home life becomes critical. We want to get everything done so we will be able to enjoy the holidays with our families. This is the time of year when we count our blessings, when we appreciate family … Continue reading

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Creativity Blends Diversity

I’ve learned a lot over my years, but there is something else that I’m constantly reaching for. The turbulence of my life has triggered an inner search of my thoughts, my motives, and my heart.  I find that I’m always reaching for something new. If I don’t seek it, I find myself dwelling on the … Continue reading

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  • Show Some Respect and Change the World — FaithDream’s Inspiration
    I have refrained from giving my opinion during this election. The discouragement and lack of respect given to each of the opponents show little to no value for the American people. How can we respect our leaders when they lack the respect of one another? The candidates have slandered one another and pointed fingers at […] … Continue reading Show Some Respect […]
  • Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction
    These guideposts direct you, giving insight. Sometimes God will miraculously open doors for you when you least expect it.  They might appear to be coincidental but in reality they are meant for you to make a decision. The guideposts are there. They could come in the form of temptations or the form of an arrow … Continue reading Look For the Guideposts They G […]
  • Three Types of Friendships
    Many friendships will come and go in life. In seasons of change, a person will encounter new friends, and old friends will fall away. There are friendships that stay with you during a lifetime. Those friends are the first ones you call to share good news and the ones you can count on in times … Continue reading Three Types of Friendships →

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