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How to Have an Unwavering Faith?

There are two major ways to maintain a strong faith. By believing God is trustworthy and by studying God’s word.

Dr Charles Stanley said, “Insecure feelings are tied to our circumstances, but our mind and heart can be tethered to the Lord instead. “I refuse to doubt my God any longer” should become the battle cry for Christians facing difficulty and pain. When the Deceiver whispers discouragement, we can tell him that we know who our God is and that He will do what He promises. Satan cannot argue with steadfast faith. As our mind and spirit fill with the Father’s thoughts, we begin to think as He does. Anytime we are feeding on Scripture, whether through a sermon, group Bible study, or personal reading, we should write notes and take time to meditate on the passage. Then, whenever harsh circumstances confront us and our faith begins to waver, we can recall God’s promises and stand firm in our decision to trust Him.”

How do you trust in the one who is most worthy of your trust? Do you first call your friends when you need advice, or do you go to the Father in prayer?

Our battles are not our own. God’s word is true. When we feel our faith dipping perhaps we need to revitalize it with the word of God.

How many times must we fall before we realize we can’t do this alone? Scripture has insight, encouragement and wisdom. It has the tools you need to accomplish a great purpose. The word is useful for teaching, rebuking and lifting our character.

Do you hear the battle cry of your heart? Are you tuned-in with the promptings from the Holy Spirit? Stay true to yourself. Open your Bible. Read and meditate on the word of God. Pray and seek Him. When your faith is on shaking ground turn to the Father who is ever-present, always loving and ready to assist. Remember God is on your side. You can trust Him.

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