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You are God’s Masterpiece of Great Value

Do you know you are God’s masterpiece?  You are the work of the Master’s hands.  You were born for such a time as this. There is a purpose for your life.  God is preparing you for a great ministry and you have everything you need for this day.

Shells on BeachThere are times of persecution which prepares you for God’s greater purpose. During those times of struggle, it’s essential to take time alone and study. Read and study the word of God and don’t quit.  Stay and study and learn.   This preparation is crucial to prepare and train you for God’s next step in your life.  The mark results that come from your life will get you ready for God to use you.  He is preparing you to serve Him with great distinction.

Take a moment and study Barnabas in the Bible.  The story of Barnabas teaches us about a man of great faith with a willingness to serve others. Acts 11:24 says, “he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were added to the Lord.”

The name Barnabas means son of encouragement. His story is found in the book of Acts, and like Barnabas, we can be great encouragers, particularly to those who are struggling. Sometimes God will put you in a situation today so that one day in the future, you may help another.  At the same time, God will put people in your life today to help you as you go through trials and sufferings.

When difficult days come, stay strong in your faith. When troubles come your way, you’ll be able to pull from a deep reservoir of faith.  God is preparing you so you can make a difference. Get ready and God will do something great in your life. Ask God to give you the sensitivity to the opportunities that come your way.

Opportunities come in all sizes.  The way you respond reveals your discernment. Are you sensitive to other’s hurts?  People are hurting everywhere.

What can you take away from this?  The way you respond to these situations says a lot about your heart.  For example, when a trying circumstance comes, do you think of it as an opportunity, or an obstruction?

Do you believe God is giving you the privilege to doing something that will honor Him as well as helping someone else? Do you have the courage to provide encouragement?  Remember you are God’s masterpiece.  You are the outstanding work God created. You are uniquely and wonderfully made. God has given you special gifts and talents. He has provided you a wide-range of experiences that impacts others.  You have the opportunity to be a difference maker.  Don’t forget that you are also loved by the great Architect of the creation who spoke the universe into creation.

Pastor Rick Warren says, “The reason you have value is because of what God says about you, not because of what other people say about you. God says, ‘You’re my poem. You’re my masterpiece. I don’t want you copying somebody else. I’ve put gifts in you — heart, abilities, personality, and experiences — and I want you to use them.’ You have worth because of what God says about you and has done for you.”

You are the great masterpiece with the tools that are needed at such a time as this. You can be the difference maker at home, in school, at your job, and in the world around you. People need great encouragers in their life.  Are you the one they seek when they need a prayer?  Are you the one others turn to when they need some helpful guidance?  Perhaps your gift is encouragement.  Perhaps you have a story to tell.

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