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Can you trust again after being hurt?

Hands reachingTrusting someone else leaves us vulnerable. We get hurt and we fear that if we allow our hearts to love we may get hurt all over again. We hope someone will come along and save us from this despair. We hope in anticipation of a better life. We aim for a courageous confidence in the unseen. We develop faith. We live in hope.

Hope is defined as a feeling of trust, to have a wish to get or do something or for something to happen or be true, especially if that something seems possible or likely. By wanting or expecting something true to happen, we acquire hope.

Testing ourselves to reach beyond our comfort zone, we anticipate a better outcome. We know the wealthy prosper, the sick need healing, and life gives us choices. Handling whatever adversity comes along to lead us into a tranquil state of being, we learn to survive. Preparing for changes and anticipating new beginnings to crunch out the bad habits, we begin to dream.

Consider the wealthiest people in the world, who are they? Celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, are they better people, or different from yourself? Would gaining the riches of the world make you somebody? Winning the big lottery to change your circumstances, are these the desires of your heart? What is man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?

The Bible teaches us to place our trust and hope in the Lord, for God sees what man does not. Failing to trust in the One who can change everything will misplace your hope. Finding truth that sets you free enables you to align the achievements you want in this life.

Setting an example to others with leadership and integrity, the Holy Spirit guides your way. Why not face your life with a renewed hope? Face the challenge today to allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life by placing your trust in Jesus.  This hope you have is through faith. Let the blessings pour over you. Can you trust again?

About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


4 thoughts on “Can you trust again after being hurt?

  1. Hi Faith
    Your post leads me back to the question – what makes people happy? Is it money? Are people with money happy? A friend of mine has plenty of money. She is certainly NOT happy. She has no hope and aspires to nothing because she has everything in a material sense.

    Posted by Piglet in Portugal | January 8, 9:49 am
  2. I trust Him. I trust that whatever He do with my life it will be something good.

    Posted by bendedspoon | January 10, 8:27 am

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