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Surrender – You are Beautifully Made

Who are we when no one is watching? What do you become when the tables are in your favor? In life, we make decisions. When faced with anything serious or critical, we are wise to research all possibilities before reaching a decision. Who we are on the inside will be uncovered when we are under … Continue reading

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Time with Family

When faced with priorities, time management is important. Juggling work and family is a delicate balance.  This week I had to make some fine choices. Time with family always wins. I have no second guessing when it comes to my family. They are the reason for my being, they represent everything I hold dear. It … Continue reading

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Today’s My Chance to Make a Difference

I received The Versatile Blogger Award from my soul writer friend, bendedspoon. A writer in her own right, although she doesn’t think so, a person who has lifted my spirits on many occasions, I am happy to have her in my writer’s circle. Accepting this award is honoring and the best way to honor someone … Continue reading

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Building your Faith

Building your faith, turns dreams into reality. Each day is a new day to start again. Creating a building block on which to stand, your faith grows over time. Lessons learned come during our trials. Keeping a strong conviction to never give up, you can unlock the passions you hold. Positive character traits provide endurance to withstand … Continue reading

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Woman dies at desk, but nobody notices – Chicago Sun-Times

Have we become complacent? Are we so busy in our lives that we don’t see what is going on around us? I don’t have the answers. I only have questions. And I’m sure this family would like answers. It becomes an outrage, to hear a story like this one. If it were my mom, my … Continue reading

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Grief has taken a back seat

Reading the inspiring stories and blogs shared across the pages, releases memories of my parents. Six months ago, my mom passed away and I think about her all the time. The holidays were tough but I’m learning a new way of life. Realizing she is much happier now, I can find peace. Together she is with … Continue reading

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Your Heart Revealed

  What’s on your mind? Tell me, what’s in your heart? The Bible says that whatever is in a man’s heart will be spoken out of his mouth. When pressures are surmounting, who you are inside will surface. “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the … Continue reading

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32 Ways to be Kind

We have a choice. Living is not living until you acquire compassion. We can act kindly toward one another or we can act foolishly. Kindness defined is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate such as in a kind act. It may require a little sacrifice but humility goes a long way. We all … Continue reading

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The Soul of Friendship

Friendships are God’s welcoming gift of thoughtfulness. The bond of true friendship will not require apologies and the importance of friendships throughout your life is simply understated. It has been said that friends are God’s apologies for your family. I find that quite amusing since we choose our friends but not our families. Good friends stand … Continue reading

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Forever Eyes

Christmas is Almost here I’m spending it Without you Anchoring in Another year   Endless memories Whirling above A lifetime filled Rich in love   Unspoken words Misty eyes Soul stirring Moments Distinguishing cries   While I’m stranded In the valley About to lose My way, When the sun Goes down This evening, I’ll be … Continue reading

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