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Time with Family

When faced with priorities, time management is important. Juggling work and family is a delicate balance. 

This week I had to make some fine choices.

Time with family always wins. I have no second guessing when it comes to my family. They are the reason for my being, they represent everything I hold dear.

It was no contest. So it didn’t matter to me when I had to let my work slide for a few days, because my family was in town.  I knew that work would still be there when I returned, but family was in for a visit.

There are times in life when we must make a choice and sometimes we will disappoint others.

In reflection we reconsider, was I right in choosing to do this instead of that? We waste no time at all second guessing the choices we made in the past.

I have found not to take things for granted. At work, we can be replaced. Our jobs can be eliminated and life shouldn’t revolve around our careers.

At home we find comfort. With family we can be ourselves. We can laugh, we can cry, and we can enjoy the company of others. Time with family is one of the most valuable gifts we could receive.

There is no second guessing the fragility of life. Appreciating the things this life has to offer and family is top on my list.

I am grateful that I chose to spend time with my family. The lasting memories have been captured forever in my mind.

”We never know how high we are
Till we are called to rise;
And then, if we are true to plan,
Our statures touch the skies.”
Emily Dickinson

About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


8 thoughts on “Time with Family

  1. Sometimes we often get caught up in everyday life, work, etc…that we forget what’s really important! Glad you decided to take time for family! and work will most definatley be waiting for you! Great post!

    Posted by Country Living | March 31, 7:49 pm
  2. Family are real treasure. At times that we feel that we do not have much all we need to ask is, “Shall I exchange my kiddo for a billion dollar?” No? Definitely no because family is worth more than that! 🙂

    Posted by bendedspoon | April 1, 1:47 am
  3. The wonder and beauty of a mother and her child, there is nothing in comparison in the whole world to its worth and jewel. Each moment we have with our children, is a pleasure-that special moment for bonding-whether they are 1 day or 100 yrs – once our child-always our child. A treasure for a lifetime. A special gift-of a newborn baby being put in a mother’s arms-is a moment that last a lifetime.

    I love my children with all my heart !! Being a single mom-I did not have the choice-I had to work-but the times together were speical-as we built a lifetime of memories.

    Posted by Penny | April 1, 4:56 am
    • Penny, you said it well. Appreciating our little ones while they are young, and growing to love them even more with each passing day. A mother’s love only grows stronger as her child ages.
      It doesn’t matter if the child is now an adult, they always hold a special place within her heart as her baby.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see how much love you have for your family. 🙂 Be blessed.

      Posted by faithdream | April 1, 8:38 am
  4. When my children were growing up I had a career. My job was everything and my family I am ashamed to say came second. Money I earnt meant they never wanted for anything. Now I am older and wiser and have the time to liik back and reflect I really regret all the years I lost when my three children were growing up. If I could have my time again, we would be poorer but I’ve also learned, money is not everything.

    After years of loyal and selfless service to my job I was “bullied” out of my job because when GE took over the company they wanted to bring in a younger generation of managers whe were university bred rather than experience led. When I turned round my family were grown up. It seemed like a blink of an eye!

    I really REALLY regret the lost years with my little ones…if only God allowed us to turn back the clock and we were allowed to correct our mistakes… 🙂

    Posted by Piglet in Portugal | April 2, 9:18 am
    • Pip, thanks for sharing your story here. I appreciate your comments.

      Since you cannot get back what was lost in the past, the regrets you mentioned should be viewed as markers. Little pieces of information about your past that taught you something. By knowing this maybe you can give it back to your children.

      I know about working full time while my children were young. I did it all through thier childhood. Today they are loving, caring adults. They understood why I had to work and today I spend as much time with them and my grandchildren as possible. It is the way you give back what you lost.

      I hope you find peace for this part of your life.
      Blessings PiP to you and your family… 🙂

      Posted by faithdream | April 2, 9:52 am

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