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Moving On

I just read a post today about someone who is moving on with her life. After years of struggling, she is moving on. What a great reminder that moving on is a segway into another chapter in our lives. We cannot stay still or remain stagnant in our lives. By remaining stuck, we will never get … Continue reading

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Sentiments of the Heart

Sentiments of the heart speaks to all of us at some time or another. Our heart walk changes as we age. Experiences in life teach us new thoughts exhausting old feelings. Our feelings may change with our experiences but they are familiar, embracing us with marks of comfort. Like sipping on a hot chocolate after … Continue reading

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Gifts of the Season

It’s all about gifts this season. Exchanging gifts is a way to celebrate Christmas, to honor the love of the season. Yet it’s all a mad dash to the department stores to get the best deals of the season. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Most of us are guilty of this. That is why Black … Continue reading

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  • Show Some Respect and Change the World — FaithDream’s Inspiration
    I have refrained from giving my opinion during this election. The discouragement and lack of respect given to each of the opponents show little to no value for the American people. How can we respect our leaders when they lack the respect of one another? The candidates have slandered one another and pointed fingers at […] … Continue reading Show Some Respect […]
  • Look For the Guideposts They Give You Direction
    These guideposts direct you, giving insight. Sometimes God will miraculously open doors for you when you least expect it.  They might appear to be coincidental but in reality they are meant for you to make a decision. The guideposts are there. They could come in the form of temptations or the form of an arrow … Continue reading Look For the Guideposts They G […]
  • Three Types of Friendships
    Many friendships will come and go in life. In seasons of change, a person will encounter new friends, and old friends will fall away. There are friendships that stay with you during a lifetime. Those friends are the first ones you call to share good news and the ones you can count on in times … Continue reading Three Types of Friendships →

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