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Gifts of the Season

PresentsIt’s all about gifts this season. Exchanging gifts is a way to celebrate Christmas, to honor the love of the season. Yet it’s all a mad dash to the department stores to get the best deals of the season. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Most of us are guilty of this. That is why Black Friday is still so popular. So common in fact, they gave it a name, Black Friday.

In truth we are lucky to be able to celebrate Christmas. With downsizing markets and sinking economy, this past year has been tough. With money tight for many, gift giving will be much less. So how do you give and receive when there is no money? 

The spirit of Christmas is about gifts but not the commercial appeal that is the common theme. Many believe Christmas is about spending time with family, sharing our lives with those we love. Across the country there are homes that do not celebrate Christmas at all.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, gift-giving is universal. Think about this, what if you give gifts of a different kind this year? Select any of these simple gifts that you can give without costing you a penny. 

  1. Gifts of your time – Spending time with family, friends, and enjoying those special relationships.
  2. Gifts of your full attention – Everyone wants to be heard. Listening is one of the best gifts you can give someone.
  3. Gifts of your knowledge – Wisdom comes from experience. Everyone has a story to tell. Why not share what you know?
  4. Gifts of your heart – These are the most precious of gifts. The ones that speak volumes because they are from the heart and they make a big difference.
  5. Gifts of your love – Have you been holding back lately? Why not tell someone how much they mean to you? This gift is never ending.

Relational gifts are cherished more than any material items. They last a lot longer.

That technical gadget you got a few years ago has already been outdated. The video game you received is not fun anymore, you already beat the game. The sweater you received is worn out and is starting to show its wear. Or maybe you had received a gift card, or cash, in the past; those items have been spent and are gone. 

These things wear out in time, lose their essence, and don’t satisfy us anymore. Instead we want the next best thing, the comfort foods, the latest and greatest of gadgets available. None of these will deeply satisfy what we crave.

The relationships in our lives will come and go. People will move away and losses will occur. The spirit of our relationships will live on, in the hearts of those touched by love. No amount of money can buy the gifts of time, love, and life. Experience teaches us that our lives are impacted by everyone we meet. The ones who have meant the most to us will be forever in our hearts. No better gift exists than the love between deep relationships.

Red GiftShare your gifts this season and outlive your life.

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Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


One thought on “Gifts of the Season

  1. I love your gift list
    — longlasting!

    Posted by bendedspoon | December 12, 10:37 pm

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