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Michael Jackson Doctor Found Guilty

He sat in the courtroom without any emotion as the verdict was read, Dr. Conrad Murray, found guilty for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Jackson Doctor Found Guilty

The jury returned Monday to continue their deliberations. In a few short hours they reached a verdict. The media covering the event was tuned in and ready. HLN-TV broadcasted the trial on national television over the last 6 weeks. As viewers got a chance to look inside the life of Michael Jackson, they heard testimonies from expert witnesses. At many times, the emotions ran high over the course of this trial.

Today, there is some closure. Michael Jackson’s death was caused by his doctor. The jury found him guilty. I watched the verdict as it was read. I watched the faces of those involved. I watched for Jackson’s doctor’s reaction. There was none. He sat there listening intently. He watched the jury leave the room. He said nothing as he waited for the next instructions.

After Judge Pastor thanked the jury for their dedication, he released them. The prosecution asked for Murray to be held without bond until sentencing. The defense tried to convince the judge that Murray was no flight risk and to release him to await sentencing. The judge listened to both sides and made the determination to take Murray into custody for public safety. The deputy handcuffed Murray.

I was overcome with emotions. I cried when they said he was guilty. I cried when they handcuffed the doctor. I did not celebrate with cheers and clapping, like the fans did in the streets of L.A. I didn’t feel that kind of jubilee. I am a fan of Michael Jackson. His death was a tragedy. The people wanted justice and they feel justice was served today with this guilty verdict.

To me, it’s a sad tragedy all around. Jackson’s death and Murray’s conviction. Doctor Murray will now lose his medical license. He may serve time up to 4 years in prison. It is a tragedy but it was his fate.

Perhaps the Jackson family can begin to heal. Perhaps this can bring some sort of closure for them. Rebbie Jackson told HLN-TV that this won’t bring Michael back but she felt justice was received. Jermaine and LaToya both felt Michael was there in that courtroom today. The feeling of his presence is a beginning towards their healing journey.

Murray will return for his sentencing on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

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