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Michael Jackson dead photo in a trial beyond belief

Why does everyone want to see a photo of a dead Michael Jackson? The trial continues for the second day. I’m going to try to follow along as much as possible.

The story behind the trial is interesting yet also very sad. Michael’s death was shocking. Now the family and fans are reliving his passing. During yesterday’s opening statements, they presented a photo in the courtroom of a deceased Michael. Taken right after his passing, laying on a gurney. The photo went viral all over the internet. I won’t share it here. That is not my place. Yet there is so much interest, what makes people curious to see a dead person’s photo?

How does the Jackson family protect Michael’s children from all this hysteria?

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On day two, Michael’s personal assistant took the stand. His loyalty to Michael was obvious.

Then there was Faheem Muhammed, the head of Michael’s security team. He testified seeing Michael in his deathbed. He told how Michael’s children were there watching everything unfold outside Michael’s bedroom.

This was heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with these children.

It seems that everyone involved surrounding this trial has something to say. The media frenzy is crazy. Supporters for Michael demand justice. Supporters for Dr. Murray claim his innocence. There are a lot of opinions.

As a fan of the Jacksons, I will stay tuned. I want to know what really happened. Michael was a gift to this world. His musical talent was far beyond anyone could fully understand. His life was filled with controversy. Now he is gone, and Murray’s defense team is putting Michael back on trial.

Let’s not forget who really is on trial here. Let’s pray for the truth.

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