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Trial of the Century – Michael Jackson Death Trial

Opening statements were heard today in the case of against Dr. Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson.

A very emotionally charged case. I watched the prosecutor present their case. They showed a picture of a deceased Michael Jackson. They played a disturbing voice recording of Michael from May 10, 2009 (a month prior to his death), evidently drugged on something. His voice slurred and his words were slowing. All I could imagine was how the Jackson family withstood this.

The case against Dr. Murray is compelling. How any medical professional would be allowed to order and administer these types of drugs outside a medical facility, to a patient (famous or not), is concerning to me. A drug used during surgery, to knock someone out, always used with caution. Other medical professionals should have been there to observe him. The defense claims Dr. Murray left the room and Jackson self-administered the lethal drug.

Wow. I don’t know. What they are saying here! Are they saying Michael Jackson killed himself? This is outrageous.

What is the real truth? I’ll be sure to follow this case along so I can discern my own opinion.

When Dr. Murray started to get emotional and teared up, I was curious. What did the attorney say that compelled the doctor to cry?  I played it back. The defense was telling the story of how Murray got involved with a senior facility after his father had died. He spoke about how Murray would provide healthcare to this poor community, paying for their medications and how he wasn’t “showing greed” as the prosecutors were indicating.

In my opinion, Murray was stirred with grief over his father. Then as the defense talked about his past, Murray became filled with emotion. (Someone cares). Since Jackson’s death, Murray has been under a lot of scrutiny by the public and the family. His reputation has been trashed. Once a trusted doctor, today very few believe in him. This is his fate. As the defense attorney gave his opening statement, Murray became filled with emotion, the bottling over of all that he’s been through.

Do I think he was negligence? Yes, most definitely. He was hired as Jackson’s doctor. There is a level of trust that goes with that. Was Michael abusing drugs? Perhaps. I don’t know a lot about that case. Whether he did or didn’t, the issue is any doctor should know the limitations of using this type of medicine. He should have taken precautions.

What’s your opinion? This is definitely worth watching. The trial of the Century.

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4 thoughts on “Trial of the Century – Michael Jackson Death Trial

  1. i have a very simaliar background to michael jackson – i am 45 and have experinced mental health issues regarding my background which keep accuring throughout my life so far. in my opinion and experince of child abuse (by his father) the trauma does not go away but is with you for life in one way or another. his dad killed him inside 3 quarters of his life gone before his life began. the doctor is differnately guilty he should have understood michaels vunerability after all he is the professional? he needed specialist care why did no body help him including his family? i had a very simalier mother to his father – i am so shocked when i see michaels father on the tv how can everyone seem to forget what he put michael through? and he is taking the doctor to court? unbelievable. i would love to write to him personally he is a sick individual without remorse of what HE DID to michael

    Posted by annemarie | September 28, 6:53 pm
    • Annemarie. thanks for sharing your thoughts on here. I think the public forgets about that sometimes. So many want to point fingers at the supposed wrongs Michael done, they forget how much he did suffer. a child should never, ever be at such mercy to a parent. I don’t know exactly what Joe did to him… but he was so young when he rose to fame. I think the industry hurt him a lot too. So many tried to profit off MJ and that’s sad. What really hurts during this trial is hearing about his death, and today they mentioned his children. They saw him on his deathbed. I hope the trial gets to the truth. Bless you for sharing your feelings here.

      Posted by faithdream | September 28, 7:28 pm


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