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Is Nicolas Cage really a vampire

More Twilight stars? Are there vampires stalking around Hollywood?

This story has circulated the internet for the past week. A revealing 1870 photo of a man who looks like Cage selling on eBay. The seller, Jack_Mord, put the photo up for bid with the claim that Nicolas Cage was secretly a vampire.

The price for the photo; a striking million dollars. Who could write a better story?

Cage’s movies draw millions of viewers. His acting ability is intriguing and picture-perfect. Cage gets into his characters with such raw honesty.  He reveals the compelling sides of those roles he portrays.

His recent movies, “Season of the Witch” and “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 3D” which comes out in February 2012, depict some strange twists to this claim of vampires.

Interesting however once this story circulated you couldn’t find the photo on eBay. The photo disappeared.

I wonder what Cage has to say about this claim. It would be fascinating to hear. 

Who was that guy in the 1870 picture? Maybe he was a long distance relative of Cage? They say everyone has a twin somewhere. Perhaps he is Cage’s evil twin brother, the vampire.

Of course, this is all spun as a humorous outtake for yet another one of those strange and phenomenal stories.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

For more on the story see this article on MSN Entertainment

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2 thoughts on “Is Nicolas Cage really a vampire

  1. thats so cool!! so the painting disappeared on ebay like a bubble??

    Posted by sarikana | September 24, 9:10 am
  2. And if you needed more proof…

    Posted by Jon Smith | September 25, 12:25 am

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