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Do you consider yourself a Writer?

The challenge is to post at least once a week or if you’re really up to it, post once a day. I think I’ll try the post a week challenge.  I like what WordPress is doing here to get us motivated. It’s a great way for writers to write something and get inspired in the process.

Do you consider yourself a writer? I would guess most bloggers consider this but what constitutes the difference between a blogger and a writer? Is it all about who gets published? Is it a self-proclamation, “hey, I’m a writer.” So what stirs bloggers to write then?

The challenge has always been about time. Finding the time to write. Many will tell you it’s about finding something to write about. I agree with that. There is the all familiar writer’s block. When that happens to me, I look for inspiration, by getting away from the pages, and finding something that will truly inspire me.

In this article, “Why Writer’s Write” simply stated, I write to inspire others as well as myself. Having something to say and sharing that knowledge to make a difference in the readers is what writer’s do.Staying on Top of Books

Can we keep it brief? Sometimes a few paragraphs can state your case which makes for an excellent read. However, there are times when we need pages to get across the idea. Let’s keep the focus on the reader and we’ll have more compelling articles to share.

Sharing with others to see things differently. By looking past the dust in the light of eternity, to see the beauty that still reigns, we give hope. Inspiring our dreams and offering each other hope to do what we do.

This life is not all there is and as authors of our work we are obligated to share our knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with others. Let’s encourage each other.

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About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


8 thoughts on “Do you consider yourself a Writer?

  1. Hi,
    I found your post quite thought provoking…”Do you consider yourself a writer? I would guess most bloggers consider this but what constitutes the difference between a blogger and a writer?”

    I now live in Portugal and use blogging as a way to discipline myself to learn more about my new country “warts” and all! The culture, food, daily life, bureacracy, what to do and what to see. My ramblings and frustrations etc etc

    Am I a writer? No, but I aspire to be one and would like to enroll in a decent online writing course so I can express myself more succinctly!

    Good luck with the your postaweek and I have subscribed to your blog to help keep you motivated!

    Kind regards

    Posted by Piglet in Portugal | January 3, 11:58 am
    • Thank you for your motivation and encouragement. I ask myself that question all the time. I started blogging as a way to hone in my writing. Being disciplined in writing and crafting your skill takes time & practice. Although I do believe that writing is a gift, you either have it or you don’t. Thanks for sharing & good luck on your writings.

      Posted by faithdream | January 3, 1:21 pm
    • I do not consider myself a writer, I just like expressing myself on paper. I find it very rewarding, and uplifting, when I can express myself and get others opinions. No ones opinion is the same. Makes it very rewarding to know that there are other people that are going through similar things as you are!

      Posted by Country Living | March 27, 1:01 pm
      • Thanks Country Living. I’m glad you expressed yourself here. Writing is one of the best forms of expression & I find that others, like yourself, who share great insight adds signifance to these posts. Thanks for sharing.

        Posted by faithdream | March 28, 1:48 pm
  2. What a wonderfully refreshing blog you have. I will certainly be back to spend more time reading your posts.

    Posted by J Roycroft | January 4, 9:24 am
  3. I am not a writer — I am more of a blog reader.
    I am not a writer — but I love to share some of my thoughts.
    You are a writer — I love your thoughts!

    Posted by bendedspoon | January 6, 2:29 am
    • I think you are a great writer. Your thoughts on paper are sometimes humorous, sometimes inspiring, but always thought provoking. Thank You for all your encouragement.

      My God has been faithful to me by giving me the words to splash on the paper. He gives me the ideas, He inspires the work of my soul, and He is the reason I share what is in my heart. Thank you Faithful Reader. Blessings.

      Posted by faithdream | January 6, 7:03 am

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