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Prayers for Missing Malaysia Plane MH370

My heart goes out to the families of those who are waiting for any sign of the missing Malaysia plane. How does one deal with so much grief and pain especially not knowing what exactly happened? How does one pray when they don’t know what to say?

I can only think some must have some extreme courage within their hearts. Holding on to hope, not knowing for all these days that their loved ones might still be alive somewhere. What can a person do but pray. The news gives a glimpse that they might know where the plane went down. Every day there is another report that the media is trying to give something to the people. Yesterday the reports stated they heard the pings of what might be the black box from the plane. Then another report says there should-be been debris if the plane went into the waters. Like luggage or parts from the crash but there is nothing.

On Tuesday, the Guardian reported the search teams are ‘throwing everything’ into finding Malaysia Airlines jet before black box batteries are expected to die.

ocean sunsetMy heart weeps for these families. I hear their anger. I weep for their sorrow. I understand grief. It’s more than hard. A couple of weeks ago I watched the news report when members of the press recorded some of the families after they showed up demanding answers. One woman was in deep anguish. She lost several family members. Her cries were felt around the globe.

I stand for many who believes there is life after death. I stand with many who have known loss intimately. I stand with so many others who pray for these families.

If you are reading this and have been personally effected by this event, I’d like to say something to you. Don’t give up. I’m praying for you. I’m praying for your family. I’m praying for you to find comfort and peace.

I have several readers who visit this site looking for encouragement. Many come from around the globe. I want you and others to know that we care. We hurt for what you are experiencing, we pray with you, we ask God to comfort you. Remember we are all one. One human race, born in the same way, just in different places, and we feel your pain. We hold you in our hearts, in America, and around the world.

May God bring you a restful peace and may those searchers find flight MH370 and your loved ones. God speed!

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