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Colorado Massacre News Exposes Evil with Pain and Grief

I don’t know about others, but I’m sick of all the news publicity this Colorado killer is getting in the media lately. What he did in his massacre at the movies is disturbing and repulsive. 

I have turned off the news, silenced the radio, and closed webpages that spread this story. I realize people want to know why a crazed psycho would walk into a darkened movie theater and blaze guns into a packed-filled audience. Sure, people want to know why. And for all those victims and their families, I’m sure they want to know why as well.

So why should I even post an article about it?  There are some news stories that really spark a nerve in me and this is one of them.

Typically I post inspirational stories but this news report got to me. At first, I was so angry; I fueled my thoughts to anyone in my presence. 

Christian Bale

Christian Bale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then I read how Christian Bale went to visit the victims in the hospital.

I saw how he comforted those who are trying to heal. I saw the Batman star visit the grounds outside the massacre. I read the actor’s statement where he said, “Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.” 

It says a lot about this Hollywood icon to step into that place. I see the sorrow in this world. I know how deep the heart-wrenching pain this has done. Holmes stole something from us. When innocence is ripped out of the life we live and those we love are taken from us by such a senseless killing.  I don’t understand it at times. 

For several days of this breaking news report, the photo of James Holmes was displayed on televisions everywhere. Today is no different. The tinted red hair and glazed look in his face revealed little but disturbing imaginings.

Today the news reports state he sent a notebook detailing his plans to a school. Gun control laws are igniting politicians and communities are calling for greater restrictions. All the while, gun permits are spiking.  All of this because of fear?  And because some crazed mad man decided to unleash the pinnacle of evil into the innocence of humanity, people are searching for answers. 

It gives little reprieve to the families who lost their loved ones. It gives little security to people who want to go to the movies on a Friday night. What James Holmes did was wickedly immoral. 

I don’t know how such evil can penetrate someone’s heart. It is hard for me to fathom. And when the news becomes too hard to watch, I shut it off. Then I wonder why, and I begin to pray.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Massacre News Exposes Evil with Pain and Grief

  1. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. All I know is, this brought tears to my eyes. The lesson in humility is large. It is one thing to err, lapse in judgement. I’m reminded of Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” – a tale about a poor fellow who, trying to stave off dying from hunger, steals a loaf of bread. The conscious decision of an otherwise righteous man to steal, is the catalyst for the rest of the story. Those of any faith, or of no particular faith at all, would be wise to glean from this bit of news. In the old days, maybe we’d hear the newsies crying in the streets, “Extra! Extra! Thief has a change of heart! Penalizes self!” Personally, I am satisfied that it makes thinking people pause, and examine themselves. What can I do today, that can possibly make up for an error I’ve made? What can I do today, that may not make up for errors I’ve made, but make someone’s journey here, a little better, if only for a moment? And finally: Whom haven’t I forgiven, that needs forgiveness as much as I do? Great story.

    Posted by silver price | August 8, 6:04 pm
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    Posted by uyama hiroto | August 11, 11:16 am

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