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Inspiration found in a worn out picture frame

It sat on the mantle for years. Dust began to cover the image while the memories of that day was soon to fade away. It was an old, worn out picture frame that captured my heart.

A day of celebrating, the family gathered to commemorate our parent’s 40th anniversary. It was in those happy times when we were all together. We planned the surprise, decorated the house and invited family members that lived far away. We gathered to honor the two people who meant everything to us.

My parents were quite surprised. I remember how much Dad laughed that day. Mom couldn’t have been happier. All of us were together and we were a family. We stood together to pose in that one family photo. Now adults, we were acting like children. Siblings teasing one another and laughing so hard, our faces began to hurt.

This worn out picture sits on the mantle covered with memories of years gone by. Surrounded by photos of new-born babies and others who never got to know my parents.

Dad’s been gone for 12 years now and Mom joined him less than 2 years ago. I miss my parents and even to this day, I still recall that special memory. Over 20 years ago, the day we came together to celebrate their anniversary.

At Christmas, we visit family and friends. We gather around those close to us to celebrate the birth of Christ. We recall the many happy times and we relive our childhood memories. For each passing Christmas, we take one step closer to reuniting with our Heavenly Father.

This Christmas, I found inspiration in that old, worn out picture frame. A memory that no one can take from me. It was, my very own special Christmas gift.

It’s amazing how the mind works. A simple photograph that transports you back in time to ease a troubled mind. An inspiring photo filled with memories of life, love and laughter, this was the inspiration behind my Christmas wish.

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Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


One thought on “Inspiration found in a worn out picture frame

  1. I really enjoyed reading this heart-filled story. I am glad the photograph brought back pleasent memories. May it continue to do so in the future.

    Posted by margaretminnicks | December 27, 2:18 pm

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