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True Christianity is not PC

Amen, finally someone is shining some light on this subject. Christians should always act out of love, not judgment. At the same time, we cannot compromise our values so we can be worldly accepted.

Opinions matter and this voice needs to be heard. Read the story here True christianity is not PC.

Far too many Christians are compromising. People pleasing and worldly acceptance is dangerous. We can accept people as they are and still, let God be the judge. If others do not agree with Jesus’ teachings, they can choose to walk away. God gave free will to accept him or not.

Speaking the truth in love is not always easy and a person may lose friends. But it is much better to lose that ‘friend’ than spend a life without God. Acceptance is one thing, judgment is another. God loves all and wishes everyone to come to him. As Christians we need to lead by example.

Sometimes words come across harshly. Other times words destroy and reject a person. We must be very careful in the words we use to express our opinions. Sometimes we have a great message but it’s missed because the words we chose did not reflect our true message.

If we are to be lights to this world, we must be careful what we say and do. We should love our enemies, we should pray for those who persecute us, and we should practice what we preach. It is not easy. And it will never be easy.

There is always a battle on the horizon. Christian teaching should always be led by the Holy Spirit. In God’s way, by His glory, and in His will. For we cannot do it by ourselves, we must look to our Heavenly Father for answers. We must rely on Him to guide us…. Daily.

Many parts of this world will never accept Christ’s teachings. Since the beginning, man has rebelled against God. As Christians, we must stand firm in our faith without compromise over the truths we’ve been taught.

For one day each of us will stand before God and be accountable for every action, deed, or thought. What will you say to Him on that day?

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