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A Father’s Day Memory at the Kitchen Table

Father’s day memories conjure up all sorts of feelings. From those cherished one on one conversations to the family picnic, spending time with my dad was always special. With this being Father’s day weekend, all eyes are on dads.

My father passed away years ago, but I still think of him often, especially on Father’s day.

Wooden kitchen table and chairs

One of my fondest memories of dad is sitting with him at the kitchen table talking about life. We would talk for hours.

He was always the first person I would go to when I needed advice. His fatherly wisdom was never judgmental. He encouraged me when I doubted myself. He gave me tips on overcoming my failures. He trusted my judgment and he loved me every step of the way.

My relationship with my father was meaningful in every sense of the word. Early in life he taught me valuable lessons on how to appreciate the little things. Not to take for granted those things that surrounded me. My dad was not perfect. He had many weaknesses and he knew that. He wasn’t afraid to tell me his insecurities. I knew him so well. He didn’t have to say a word because I knew when he was unsure of something.

They say some people are like an open book, they live with their heart on their sleeve. This was not my father. For many he was very hard to read, hard to understand. He was quiet to some. But this is not the dad I knew. We had the best relationship a father and daughter could share. It took years to build this relationship into that kind of bonding experience. Later in life, I came to understand him. Our table talks continued through out my life. Those precious memories and shared wisdom will be forever engraved in my heart.

After my father passed away, I sat at the kitchen table. Looking through all of his personal files and records to try to close his accounts, I found his notes. He wrote down messages, like a trail to follow and I was able to discover every record, every account, and settle them without any problem. If you’ve ever had to deal with personal records after a death, you will know how difficult it can be, a messy and heartbreaking experience.

Dad helped me during that time. Even after death, he gave me wisdom at the kitchen table. God blessed me with such a beautiful father. Thank you Dad for you taught me valuable lessons I’ll always cherish. Happy Father’s Day!

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Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


6 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Memory at the Kitchen Table

  1. A very good post. My father passed away years ago, but I still think of him often, especially on Father’s day. My meories of him and my mother, keeps their spirits alive.

    Posted by Penny | June 19, 2:28 pm
    • I’m sorry Penny. I know it is difficult. I keep their spirits alive when I write, when I share these stories. Although they are precious to me, maybe it will help another. Thank you sharing Penny, always a blessing. 🙂

      Posted by faithdream | June 21, 10:57 am
  2. Hard to imagine that one day I will be missing my dad or he’ll miss me first. This is a lovely tribute — you are a wonderful daughter for seeing the best in him. Hugggs 🙂

    Posted by bendedspoon | June 21, 2:39 am
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