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What is happening to this world?

It seems that every time I look around I see some sort of tragedy or destruction. In my posts and in my articles, I’m trying to dispense truth. I’m trying to send a positive message. I know I won’t give up but I get so frustrated by what I see and read.

Why are people determined to send the wrong message of truth? Why are they determined to believe in mysticism and new age beliefs? For myself, I cannot relate to those teachings but I also don’t understand how others are so turned toward those beliefs.

Sun behind the clouds

In a world where there is so much destruction, so much hate, and so much despair, how can anyone believe they can do it on their own? I’m concerned and I’m frustrated. Since it is hard for me to understand haters, I cannot relate to the pain and bitterness within some hearts.

To misdirect people into lies is one thing, to cause hurt and anguish is another. Where are the positive people trying to make a difference?

Who is to blame when a 12-year-old murders his baby brother? Where are the concerned? Why does it take tragedy before people wake up to the cries of the children, to the causes surrounding them?

Where are the positive role models? Who is responsible when you hear stories like this?

To see this in the news struck a chord with me. Trying to find some answers, then I’m directed to viewpoints of new age beliefs. With statements such as you can change the world by your existence. Like breathing will cause the world to change… because you breathe, doesn’t change anything.

People need to take a stand for Christ. For people to remain passive will allow others to intently walk over the faithful. A deep injustice was delivered to this child that caused him to take the wrong road in life. Will things change for the future of the children? It’s only by caring individuals with a determination to make a difference will things change for the better.

If you could do something to make this world a better place, what would you do? Hint: it requires more than just breathing.

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Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


2 thoughts on “What is happening to this world?

  1. Reading this article the boy seems to have had a tough childhood without any clear direction as how to behave by way of a role model. No they should not lock him up but take him away from his mother and put him with a family (without young children) who would love him and care for him.
    So sad

    Posted by Piglet in Portugal | June 7, 2:54 pm
    • I agree PiP, this is very sad. I don’t know the boy but I couldn’t help but feel for this family. My prayers are with this young boy. Thank you for sharing your comments. Be blessed. 🙂

      Posted by faithdream | June 7, 7:26 pm

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