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How to Discover your Life Purpose

20130717-073359.jpgWhere are you in your life’s journey? What were you put on earth to do? Everyone has a life purpose.

Once you discover what that purpose is, you can begin to live a life of fulfillment. Last week, everyone was looking for that big win in the lottery. The Powerball lottery was well over $1 billion dollars. Everyone was talking about what they would do if they won. Did you dream big?

Like most of us, we yearn for things to be better and we desire for our lives to have meaning and purpose.

When a life purpose is within your reach, winning the lottery may sound like a dream, but when you know what’s your purpose in life, the Powerball doesn’t hold that much weight.

When you know and follow your goals your purpose is what guides you. With a purpose, everything in life falls into place.

In Jack Canfield’s book, “ The Success Principles” he states, “purpose means you’re doing what you love to do, doing what you’re good at and accomplishing what’s important to you. When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you.”

This is great insight. The more you go forward toward your dreams, the more your life aligns with your life’s purpose. When you act in alignment with your life purpose, the world benefits too, because all your actions will serve others.

Make a decision to discover your life’s purpose and then organize all your activities around it. When you do this, something amazing happens.

You begin to energize. You learn something and now you’re getting somewhere. Step by step you’re entering the first stages towards that which will ultimately fulfill you. Let your purpose be the compass which guides you.

How do you find and discover your purpose? You look inside. You perform a self-assessment. Ask yourself, what brings you the greatest amount of joy? Those things which bring you the greatest joy are part of your purpose. What makes you feel the most alive? What are the common threads among these things?

Discovering your purpose brings fulfillment in every area of your life. It opens your soul, your mind and your heart to allow clarity in your life. Inside Canfield’s book, he offers a couple of exercises to begin.   And if you want to dig deeper, I also suggest reading Rick Warren’s book, “ The Purpose Driven Life .” Both of these books have enlightened my senses. I encourage you to follow along as we continue in this series of discovering your passion and purpose in life.

All you need to do is jump!


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Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


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