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The Writer Poem by Faith Dream

I took the summer off from writing.  Autumn is presently here and I’m back at my writing.  Here is a poem to inspire the writer in all of us.

The writer tells the story to the world in which he lives.
His mind is sharpened by the words in which he gives.
He carries a conversation with fictional characters he has created.
A master storyteller passionate about the crimes he has committed.
He develops his story with characters of wit, glory and might.
For the sins and misconduct of another, the writer develops insight.
And when he stares at a blank sheet looking for inspiration,
He finds tiresome words with worry and perturbation.
For when the writer forgets and his words are omitted,
He starts the page all over as if he were acquitted.

Opening the windows to a world of possibilities.
His wrongs become right,
His story becomes bright,
The innocent go free,
And the words are the painting which we see.


The writer, the master storyteller is walking amongst us.
Would you recognize him in the ashes and dust?
He is your neighbor, your friend, your dutiful brother.
The author is each one of us for we are like no other.
We all have a story, a life-lived to be told.
Find your story and it can be sold.
For the writer is within you just as it is within me.
Seek the words and let your voices be free.
A writer is found when his voice has been heard.
Confident and amusing, the writer is assured.
He rests quietly in the captivating message he delivers.
Loaded and poised, his words make a soul to quiver.
A stamp of approval, crosses the author’s page.
The reader is fascinated, caught up in the engage.
I write to inspire, to teach and to acquire.
For my message to you comes from one much higher.
For the writer in me bends with my soul.
With depth and passion yet to be told.
My fellow writers, join my campaign.
Write with your heart and not in vain.
Share the message of truth and of love.
For this God-given talent only comes from above.

This has been my message to the writers. Thank you for letting me be me.

About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


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