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How to Deal with Loss and Grief During the Holidays

The days of grief are profound. Grief is all-consuming and it paralyzes the human spirit. Whether the loss was recent, or it happened years ago, dealing with loss during the holidays can feel like yesterday’s pain.

Memories flood out, heartache seeps in, and the soul weeps in anguish. Nothing prepares one to face grief.

Friends, grief has enemies. It doesn’t care if the tragedy befalls on a toddler, a young male, or a grandmother, grief will greet you at the door.

Paralyzing thoughts will rock your world while grief keeps you in lock down. Unable to move beyond the questions, you’ll need a respirator to breathe in a sense of peace.

Trying to calm your fears of desperation as you seek to know the truth of what happened; you seek any kind of miracle.

How does one overcome grief?

Grief’s shadow remains in those left behind. Acceptance is part of the healing. Prayer is the essential ingredient.

The Bible states, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”- Psalm 90:12

If you are experiencing grief today, may you find comfort in the arms of an angel; in the arms of a loving God who stands present, in every moment of your life.

Jesus welcomes you in HeavenDuring the holidays, families gather. Laughter fills the air and friends toast relationships.

If you’re feeling the heavy loss of someone close to you during this season, take a moment to reflect. Remember the kindness of their spirit. Remember what they meant to you and thank God for your blessing. There is a reason this person was in your life. There is a reason why God chose to take them to his heavenly bosom.

Just as we may never understand why, on this side of heaven, we can accept the loss in a profound way. Nothing happens out of coincidence. There is a reason for everything under the sun.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 147:3, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Remember God is near in your ever-present troubles.

In order to deal with loss and grief during the holidays, do something nice for someone else. Give a little more knowing you are doing it out of the love you have for your loved one.

Do something you would’ve done with your loved one. Did they like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade? Watch it with a smile remembering how much they loved it. Did they like telling jokes and making others laugh? Try a new joke, even if you have to make one up. It doesn’t matter if it sounds silly; remember you’re doing it in their honor. Others may not understand but stepping out of your comfort zone when you’re grieving is good medicine.

Healing takes time and holidays shake the unmistakable grief in your face. Hold on to your faith. Count your blessings.

Give thanks in all things for God knows your plans; He knows your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my reader.

This message was written in dedication to my loving parents; gone too soon, but not forgotten. I love you, Mom and Dad.

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