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Inspirational Book Gift Ideas Perfect for Father’s Day

“A man is created for challenges. He is equipped to overcome, to run the gauntlet, to stand firm as a well-anchored corner post. Men are the benchmark in life, society, and family. It is part of the masculine responsibility to demonstrate strength and stability; to protect and provide for those within their sphere of influence. This is the hallmark of manhood,” by Preston Gillham, “Things Only Men Know”

Father’s Day is this weekend and I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot. I wish he was still here. I remember how I struggled every year to find the perfect gift for him. He was a man that didn’t need much and didn’t want me to spend a lot of money, so he was satisfied with just another T-shirt.

This year, I thought about what I would buy him if he were still alive. I’ve been reading a lot of inspirational books that usually stir my heart.

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If I could buy my dad a gift this Father’s Day, it would be one of these three books. If your dad is a reader, or if you’re buying a Father’s Day gift like an IPAD or Kindle Fire, these books would be a great addition to their library collection.  

I recommend them on your list.

1.  “What a Son Needs From His Dad: How a Man Prepares His Sons For Life” by Michael O’Donnell

With such heartfelt truth, the author writes, “As we prepare our sons for life, our job is as simple as it is challenging. At its most basic level, our job as fathers involves living in a way that makes a lasting impression on our sons, so that our best ways become their ways.”

Guiding the reader with biblical teaching and honest passion, O’Donnell’s book is encouraging. It fundamentally captures the essence of raising emotionally healthy kids; a great book for any father.

2. Rick Johnson’s book, “Better Dads, Stronger Sons: How Fathers Can Guide Boys to Become Men of Character” gives practical advice for today’s fathers.

Johnson tells it like it is with no holds bar. He explains, “Time is the most valuable, and the most limited, resource we have to give to our children. Your son needs your time more that he needs your money.”

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Johnson’s book is honest and positively inspiring. Here he says, “No man is a perfect father. I’m certainly not. We all fall short somewhere. The key is to take our strengths and nurture them while throwing off our weaknesses and replacing them with positive traits.”

3.  Lastly I recommend, Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives: Defining Moments” compiled by Jim Sharon. This is a book of stories, written by men from all walks of life. Readers will marvel, laugh, and be inspired by these writings. Here the editor, Jim Sharon says, “My strong desire is for this anthology to serve its readers as a model of male transparency, and as a source of encouragement to seek support and to persevere in the face of difficulties.”

This is the father’s moment, the moment of truth when everything comes together; this is the defining moment of being a dad. This is definitely an inspirational tale and a great gift idea.


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