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Charles Stanley Coming to My Hometown

Imagine my surprise when I saw that one of my favorite author and speakers, Dr. Charles Stanley is coming to my hometown.

His latest book tour was recently announced. Dr. Charles Stanley’s new book will be available July 5. Turning the Tide is the latest book from his many wonderful works. One that I will surely add to my collection.

According to InTouch Ministries the book’s a call to action. Like many of Dr.Stanley’s teaching sermons, he addresses the importance of godly character and living a life that is honoring to God.

Dr. Charles Stanley InTouch Ministries

“In his new book, Turning the Tide, Dr. Stanley teaches us about the power of godly citizenship and the steps we can take to return our nation to its Christian roots.”

A man of value and a man of great teaching, Dr. Stanley has always been one of my favorites. His sermons are gritty and down to earth with a sense of urgency. He understands the word of God as any preacher should. His valuable life principles are reminders of what it means to be a Christian.

So this summer, I’ll be one of the many fans waiting in line to get a glimpse of him, perhaps shake his hand as I pick up his latest book. For on this side of heaven, we may never know how high we have reached or how many lives we have touched. All I can say is I love to read from great teachers.

God is faithful. Our circumstances and encounters in life are meant to teach us, to provide us with valuable lessons, and to give us opportunities to advance His kingdom. For God has a purpose for everything.

Today, I am renewed. I am eagerly awaiting to read this book and possible meet the author. And as I wait in eager anticipation for the return of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I am hopeful. For I know all things are possible, and the good work He has started in me, will one day be accomplished.

“What’s important to the Lord is the bent of our hearts. Amidst all our frailties, failures, and temptations, He sees the desires of our hearts and knows how much we love Him and want to be obedient. Even in our stumbling, He helps us up and encourages us with His Word. Many of you are far more pleasing to the Lord than you think. If you’re prone to perfectionism, give yourself time to grow. The Father does; so learn to see yourself through His eyes. He’s waiting—not to berate your efforts but to help you develop into the person He designed you to be.” – Charles Stanley


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