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A Sudden Tragedy

A friend of mine lost her husband to suicide this week. At the age of 34, he chose to end his life. It’s a sad tragedy in the wake of all that has been lost. Leaving behind a 3-year-old daughter who will never get the chance to know her father is painfully crushing.

I cannot understand it. How can a person be that lost they would choose to die. It’s hard to fathom. If we probe a little deeper, maybe we might see the crumbs of despair he was dropping. Maybe if we look hard enough we would see the pieces of hurt and sadness that life was collapsing before him.

By showing us the pain so deep that he would decide to end it all, could we have prevented it? I don’t have the answers, I too share the pain.

Suicide is never the answer.  It’s a disease of the mind, penetrating the heart with despair. Treatment options are available and sometimes this takes time. I don’t know what to say to that 3-year-old child. How will she ever understand?

Each of our lives count for something, why do some people choose to let it all go? We are not responsible for another’s action but we can choose to comfort the hurting. Help them by finding help.

Stepping up to the plate, we desire to hear the call. Listening to the cries of the hurting takes a dynamic sensitivity. In life we face trials of many kinds. It is not always easy.

There is a destructive force in this world of which we live that would love to see us suffer. Dying each day, our enemy wants to steal everything we have. We cannot let this happen.

The call of the wild is untamed, the agony of defeat is injustice, and the pain in the heart marks a man. Impacted by our circumstances, our environment shapes us.

Love is the greatest of all things. If we choose to love, to listen, to support, to care then maybe we have a fighting chance.

Maybe one day we will understand. Maybe one time someone will decide to live and not die. Maybe one heart will be changed.

Maybe, just maybe, life will play fair.

About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


4 thoughts on “A Sudden Tragedy

  1. This is so sad…his poor family must be devastated and they will never know the reason why? 😦

    Posted by Piglet in Portugal | February 19, 4:34 pm
  2. Yes it’s very sad and tragic. I don’t think I’ll ever understand suicide.

    Posted by faithdream | February 20, 3:45 pm
  3. Praying for his family. For healing. Just being there and listening and perhaps at some point sharing memories with them will in time help their pain. Praying that God puts people in their pathway that will help them feel closer to Him. Draw nearer to the best physician of all. God is able.

    Posted by Casey Michigan | February 20, 10:36 pm
  4. He was young and wanted to lose it whereas there are some who are begging for extended life. We may never understand how the mind works but we can let our hearts work. A little kindness, love and understanding might save a family some grief.

    Praying for the family especially to the little girl. May she grow still wanting to smile and share a smile despite it all.

    Posted by bendedspoon | February 20, 11:10 pm

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