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Monday’s Message – A Fresh Start

A fresh start, a new beginning, starting over, we standby second chances in life. Having heard the phrase when one door closes another one opens, it means new beginnings. Sometimes circumstances in life will fill you with regret. Doubt and fear of the future will take place. For life promises one guarantee, you will have trouble. 

Wounds of the heart are formed from disappointment upon disappointment and if we’re not careful it can lead to bitterness. Sadness too can creep in like a dense fog penetrating our souls leaving us filled with regret. Having faith and believing in the impossible strengthens your walk with God. Courage and prayer stabilizes your walk in life.

Disappointments are those missed appointments. So if you miss an appointment, then reschedule.

Today we mark Martin Luther King’s birthday. A man of courage, integrity, faith, and hope, he believed in the impossible. His dream of a better future became a hallmark for people to celebrate. He asked for a fresh start, a new beginning, a dream for all mankind to be treated equal. His famous quote, “I have a dream” is all about second chances. 

James 5:13 says, “anyone having trouble, should pray.” Prayer is the first step towards a fresh start. 

Where do you go when you are sick? A doctor. What do you do when you fall? Get back up. How do you start over? With prayer. Before you go to anyone else with your failures, go to God. Let Him lift you up. He is offering you another opportunity to start over. With humble hearts and high hopes you can begin again. 

Make amends if you need to. Here is your big break. Lay down those burdens you’ve been carrying and pick up the peace of God. It’s a new day.

Next week, Motivating Message Mondays, “Living the Dream”

About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Message – A Fresh Start

  1. Thank you for writing this post — it blessed me so much!
    On second chances — if I could give others a second chance I would like to give the same to myself. I want to realign my thoughts because repeating how my thoughts work will only bring so much pain again and again.

    I’ll take your advice — “How do you start over? With prayer.”

    Posted by bendedspoon | January 17, 8:52 pm

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