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Making a difference

The key in this life is to make a difference. Each of us has the power to impact another individual by the life we live.

We leave behind an incredible legacy within our children.

We leave our grounded footprints all over our workplaces.

We touch something slightly and intangibly in every heart that we encounter.

Let each of us make that difference in another life today.

Navigating the perils of Broadway and 79th Street

Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Provide a legacy, leave your footprints, touch another heart, and show this world that you are here for a purpose.

About faithdream

Writer at heart. With faith and understanding, the butterfly represents transformation. I'm in a season of change that has opened my soul to the beauty around me. I'm living my Faith Dream & it's amazing.


One thought on “Making a difference

  1. Imagine if everyday we chose to make someone else’s day or to make a positive difference. The following passage is in my forthcoming book, Find-Fulfill-Flourish:

    “If creating the world of our dreams became an integral part our lives,
    and our legacy to others, imagine the lives we will touch
    and how our own lives will become more meaningful.”

    I also have a blog that your readers may be interested in. You can find it at:


    Posted by FFF Team | September 17, 8:33 am

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