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Mother’s Day Quotes, Inspiring Greeting Cards and a Poem for Mom

Words float across the page. The poems cheer and the quotes inspire. Finding the best greeting card to express love on Mother’s Day is priceless.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and honor our moms. One of the biggest ways we honor our mothers is by giving her a greeting card. Along with flowers, jewelry and taking her out to dinner, expressing love to mom on Mother’s Day is done with an encouraging word.

My mom passed away a couple of years ago so I’m not able to share these messages with her. Yet in a way, I am. By posting them online for others, in some way I’m celebrating my mother. So here’s a toast to all the wonderful moms who sacrifice daily in order to teach, cherish and love their children.

There are no perfect parents but on Mother’s Day we overlook all her tiny faults and emphasis on the great things she does for us.

Enjoy these impromptu words and inspirational poems of expression.

To Mom: Today we celebrate You; for who you are and all you do. Because of your love, I am who I am today. You willingly sacrificed yourself to give me a good life. I know it wasn’t easy but you did everything to the best of your abilities. You encouraged me when I felt uncertain. You lifted me up when I fell down. You wiped my tears and bandaged my wounds. Your love opened my heart when I felt depressed. During my darkest days, you were there.

Because you loved, I am able to love. Happy Mother’s Day.

To Mom: You were there when I graduated high school. You cheered for me in the stands when I graduated college. You called out my name when I stood in line to get my diploma. Many smiled but I was not embarrassed because you were my biggest cheerleader. You were always proud of me. If I failed a test, you would point out my strengths. You were my encourager. I want to thank you for supporting me all these years.

I want you to know how proud I am to be called your daughter. Happy Mother’s Day.

To Mom: There are no words to say how I feel. Deeply loved and cherished by a woman who knew what tough love meant. I wasn’t always the best child, but you patiently waited for me to “grow up”. When I got into trouble, you listened and offered me advice. When I broke curfew, you would wait up for me until I came home safe. You watched me when I fell from grace and you were there to pick up the pieces of my shattered life. As the days passed you stood in my shadow. Always watching with a careful eye, I know you must have been praying for me. On the day I finally realized all the hurt I caused, you forgave me. You accepted me. You never gave up on me. You always loved me.

Thank you Mom for doing all those things. For today, I am a better person. Happy Mother’s Day.

A Poem for Mom:

There are no words to say how I feel.
You gave me love, you made it real.
As the tulips bloom in the early spring,
The love you express gives me a song to sing.
Life can be difficult with all the daily struggles.
Yet you make it easy to escape my troubles.
You were there for me with each passing day.
You told me stay strong and do it my way.
For you kept your promises you made to me,
You said I could be whoever I wanted to be.
I could dream of being a teacher or Hollywood star.
It didn’t matter because you always loved me by far.
Whether I would succeed or whether I would fail.
You were always there to lift me back up to sail.
I’m grateful and blessed because of your love.
I know you are God’s gift from Heaven above.
This little message is being sent your way.
To express my love and say Happy Mother’s Day.
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One thought on “Mother’s Day Quotes, Inspiring Greeting Cards and a Poem for Mom

  1. these days, more and more greeting cards will be needed as the christmas approaches..

    My favorite blog page

    Posted by Malik Kehoe | December 17, 2012, 6:53 pm

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